Dealing With Common Treadmill Related Foot Pain

Treadmills are easier on the body than running on concrete. The impact is softer but that doesn’t mean there are not a few risks in using the treadmill. A person is still walking or running at a faster than normal pace and this does put stress on the feet. Anyone using the treadmill should be aware of possible problems.

Common Complaints

Those who use treadmills can suffer from tendinitis, plantars fasciitis, sprains and even stress fractures. Rolling the foot to the outside while running, or supination, can happen when the weight shifts to the foot’s outside. Runners will complain of inflammation and motion problems when the foot is over stressed. The Achilles’ heel and other tendons can be strained and a person usually treadmill could end up with a lot of aches and pains that make the work out a chore. Muscle cramps in the foot and lower leg can also happen when the treadmill is not used properly.

Ways to Prevent Foot Problems

treadmill foot pain causes

Common treadmill foot problems.

An easy warm-up and stretch are ordinarily the best ways to get the foot and lower leg muscles in shape for a run. One of the best ways of preventing a foot injury is wearing the right type of shoes. A rule of thumb is to purchase the best shoes an individual can afford, but be sure that there is enough padding in the sole of the shoe and it has a good tread on the bottom. Other difficulties can be avoided by checking the pace and incline of the treadmill. At the first sign of pain it is a good idea to slow the treadmill down to walking pace. It is also smart to have a cooling period after a work out and do a little stretching. Treadmill exercise is great for cardiovascular system and to help a person lose weight. A few simple precautions can assure that the entire experience does not turn out to be a major pain in the foot.

Common Treadmill Related Foot Complications

Foot sore patients may not have a clue what the doctor may be saying when the source of pain is being discussed. Here are a few of the more common foot aches caused while using a treadmill:

Plantar Fasciitis

A tear in the band of tissue along the bottom of the foot connecting heel bone to the toes. Produces a very sharp, stabbing pain.

Intermetatarsal Neuroma

This is ordinarily noticed between the third and fourth toes and it feels as if something has been stuck in the shoe. It happens when tissue surrounding a nerve on the ball the foot thickens and impacts on the nerve.

Achilles Tendinitis

Swelling of the Achilles tendon that connects calf muscles to the heel bone. This can get serious and the Achilles tendon can be torn due to continuous over extension.

The good news is that only in severe cases surgery be required, and ordinarily rest and proper stretching before using the treadmill are all as needed.

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