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The Wrongs People Tend to Commit During a Treadmill Workout

Treadmill workouts work wonders for your body, as well as your mind set. You feel more confident when you are fit and there isn’t any flab on your body. But you really need to keep some things in mind to make out the best of your treadmill workouts. There are some common mistakes that we all tend to do while on a treadmill. These should be avoided so that maximum results can be gained out of your workout. Keeping these wrongs at bay will also help you in running/walking safe on the treadmill.

Moving your neck to see different things around – People generally tend to look here and there while on the treadmill. Sometimes their eyes are hovering around the happenings around and if not that, then they are looking downwards towards their shoes. This type of activity may imbalance your body and you may accidentally fall off from the treadmill.

wrong shoes treadmill

Don’t wear these shoes.

Wearing the wrong shoes – The type of shoes that you wear during your treadmill workout really matter a lot. While selecting your sneakers, always remember that function is much more important than the trending fashion. Look out for soles which are extra-padded. They will be protecting your foot bones and heels from the impact of treadmill walking/running. But keep them, strictly confined to only your treadmill workouts-no other activity please.

Skipping the warm-up session – This is another wrong which people tend to commit before starting their workout. People generally think it not to be as important as the workout. But remember, this is also an integral part of any workout. They tend to leave it when in a hurry. Skipping warm-up may consequently result in body pain. So even if you are busy, try to go for a mini warm-up session, always.

Repeating the same routine everyday- An observation has been made that people who keep doing the same treadmill work out every day tend to lose less calories as their body gets adapted to it. Hence changes in workouts should be implemented at regular intervals so as to keep the fat burning process active at all times.

Holding onto the handrails- This is undoubtedly a safety measure, but because of this, your treadmill workout may suffer. While holding them, some of your body weight will be supported on it, which will reduce the amount of calories burnt in that session. If you feel like falling off the treadmill without holding the railing, then it is probably because it is at a speed higher than what you can actually run on. It’s better to be on a comfortable speed rather than holding onto the bars.

Hunching forward – This is another erroneous act which people are inclined to do while on a treadmill. Leaning towards any particular direction or tilting your body may ultimately result in falling off the treadmill or even lower back pain in the long run. Keeping yourself upright is the most correct thing to be done while working out on the treadmill. Too much of exertion- if you are doing high-intensity treadmill workouts more than three times in a week, then you might feel excessive pains throughout your body. It’s time that you revise your workout schedule and take some rest.

Inclining the treadmill at a higher angle – it is recommended that do things slowly and steadily. Start from a lower incline and then slowly move towards higher ones. When you start right away with higher inclines, you will tend to hold on to the bars, which is not going to do too much justice to your workout. All these errors are so common that most of us will be seen committing them almost every day. Thus, to make the most out of your treadmill workout, keep these mistakes at bay and you shall very soon be coming across a new self.

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