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Walk-Run-Walk Routine – Fartlek Training on the Treadmill

Running is a very repetitive form of exercise and it can be very boring. Runners who are in competition want to find ways they can vary the workouts, and allow the effort to be more interesting. Fartlek is a form of training that puts a little variety into the exercise.

Fast, Then Slow, Then Fast Again

Fartlek translates into “speed play” from its Swedish origin. The basics of the workout are very simple. The runner starts his workout at one pace, and then begins to do some variations in speed. This means that he or she will go from a slow jog to a fast pace and then back to a slow jog again. This interval from slow to fast continues throughout the entire training practice. The runner can determine how far each segment will be, or how much time. As an overall conditioner, fartlek improves the anaerobic system of a runner.

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Fartlek and the Treadmill

Treadmills are almost custom-made for a fartlek practice. The runner on a treadmill has complete control over pace and time. That athlete is able to set a beginning pace, and then by adjusting the controls on the treadmill speed things up a bit. Because the console screen of the treadmill will indicate miles per hour and time, it is extremely easy for the runner to adjust the speed, note the time spent running at that level, and the distance that is covered.

Race Benefit

It is hard to tell when running outside how fast a person is going and exactly how far. Fartlek training on a treadmill allows a competitive runner to have an idea of how it feels to run at a certain rate of speed for a given period of time or distance. Exact measurements are capable because of the treadmill console screen. A runner could use fartlek training for three miles and know exactly how it feels at certain paces. That can help when actual competition occurs. Although running on a treadmill can be a little bit tedious because there is no outdoor environment, it does permit a runner to the opportunity to make better use of fartlek training for competition.


(0% incline)

Be Sure to Stretch Before and After the Workout

  • Start at 6.0 MPH for 5 minutes
  • Speed up to 6.5 MPH for 2 minutes
  • Increase speed to 6.8 MPH for 2 minutes
  • Reduce Speed to 6.1 MPH for 1 minute
  • Repeat this cycle three times
  • Cool down at 4.5 MPH for 5 minutes

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