refurbished treadmills

Refurbished Treadmills – What you need to know

Treadmills are by far the most popular exercise equipment to be sold or rather to be purchased by health conscious people across the globe. Whether a fitness enthusiast or simply a weight-watcher, a treadmill seems to be everyone’s trusted friend. However, considering the steep pricing, not everyone can afford a treadmill or may not be willing to spend that kind of money on a fitness machine. Buying a new treadmill from the market can be really heavy on your pocket and to add to this there are plenty of options with different features from various manufacturers, only increasing your plight further. This is exactly where a refurbished treadmill steps in.

What is a Refurbished Treadmill?

To break it down into absolute simple words, it is a better version of what we call second-hand treadmill. While a second-hand treadmill means purchasing a used machine, in whatsoever condition, from a previous user, on the other hand a refurbished treadmill is a modified version of the same, where all the faults have been done away with or repaired. To elaborate further, such treadmills are previously owned and used either at homes or commercially at gyms and subsequently have been disposed off. After disposal, they undergo what we can call a renovation to eliminate all defects and sometimes improving upon the looks as well, and then being sold as refurbished or re-manufactured treadmills.

The risk factor involved in a refurbished treadmill is far less than one involved in a regular second-hand machine. The reason being, in the former damaged parts are replaced, restored, tested for any problems whereas the latter does not undergo any such process. It is simply passed on from the previous owner to the new owner in an unaltered condition.

Types of Refurbished Treadmills

There are basically two types of refurbished treadmills – factory refurbished and outlet refurbished. Refurbished in a factory implies that the treadmill was sent to the original manufacturer or factory, where it underwent a remodeling. Such treadmills are obviously more authentic and dependable along with being comparatively costlier than its outlet counterparts. These equipment offer a better guarantee and are as good as new, since they are almost entirely rebuilt, painted and wholly checked for flaws.

An outlet refurbished treadmill implies that the machine was revamped by a private outlet. Although not quite high on specifications as the factory ones, these have plus points of their own. If you have an extremely stiff budget then this is definitely your answer. Moreover, such treadmills can be easily sourced locally.

Take note of the following:

  • Age – Usually a treadmill that is about one to two years old is a smarter choice because the newer the treadmill the more likely it is to have fewer problems. Mostly, gyms sell off their treadmills frequently within a span of few years in order to make place for upgraded versions. These are the ones you should be laying your hands on.
  • Where is it Being Refurbished? – The second most important thing is to check whether the treadmill is being redone by the original manufacturer or privately by another company or an outlet. Of course, as stated earlier, a factory model should be your first choice.
  • Warranty – Above all, the warranty of the treadmill should be your decisive factor. Make sure the machine is covered under an extended warranty period. The longer the warranty period, the more reliable the machine is. If you come across one without any warranty, stay clear.

Be certain not to get confused between used and refurbished units. If you end up buying simply a used one, chances are you might spend a lot more in getting it repaired eventually. Hence, refurbished treadmills are definitely the most reasonable and best substitute for highly expensive new ones. Saving a great amount of money and yet enjoying your daily dose of fitness, you could not strike a better deal than refurbished treadmills.

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