treadmill conditioning

How To Use Treadmills for Conditioning Work

Athletes do more than participate in sports. Much of their time is spent getting in condition for competition. The conditioning work many times centers on a program where one day a certain set of muscles receives attention, and the following day another set gets a workout. Conditioning work is a necessary part of an athlete’s life but it can get tedious and boring. A treadmill is a way to relieve the monotony of exercise while the same time getting the best physical conditioning workout possible.

Workout Applications Improve Conditioning

The best treadmills come with a variety of workout applications. At the press of a button an athlete can:
  • Do a hill program.
  • Experiment with cross training.
  • Run a 5K workout.

Treadmills do a lot to condition the legs, but when used properly they can also help the waist and abdominal muscles. This is in addition to the cardiovascular improvement that the athlete will experience. Fartlek is a form of athletic conditioning that requires variations in speed, going fast for a period of time, and then slowing down for a few minutes. Treadmills are great with this type of conditioning work. Anyone can adjust the speed on a treadmill usually with a tap of a button. A runner can use a treadmill to get a better idea of personal endurance, and how his or her body responds to different speeds.

Incline Efficiencies among other benefits

Treadmills also allow for the running incline to be changed. A person can train at 0% incline for a while, and then increase it to as much as 10% in some cases, and give the body a better workout. Incline conditioning doesn’t just improve the legs; respiration also gets some needed physical training. The boring routine of exercise is diminished by the ability to easily change settings, but the features of some of the best treadmills also helps. These state-of-the-art machines have ports for iPods and MP3 players so that an individual can enjoy music in the background, making the minutes go by so much faster.

Those athletes who use a strict training time frame will find treadmill conditioning fits nicely in the calendar. Progressively faster speeds or longer periods of time can be a part of treadmill work, and different workout applications can be used every day. Because of the variety of workout possibilities, and the ability to adjust speed and inclines in mid stride, treadmill conditioning is one of the most effective dry land routines that an athlete can use.

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