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Treadmills and High Blood Pressure

Society many times has a negative effect on overall health. We live in a very fast pace, high stress world and that is one of the reasons why high blood pressure is such a problem for a lot of people. There are ways to control blood pressure and perhaps bring it down a few notches. Exercise is one such means of keeping the heart healthy. Treadmills have a distinct benefit for anybody who is trying to keep blood pressure levels steady.

Taking It Slow and Easy

A person’s blood pressure will drop after a period of exercise. If your exercise becomes routine, blood pressure will gradually reduce. While a person’s overall health determines the degree of reduction, positive results do occur from the exercise. This doesn’t mean that a person should hop on treadmill and do a six minute mile. Given individuals overall health, it is a good idea to just to start out very slowly and perhaps gradually build up from there. It could be as simple as starting out with a few days a week for no more than 30 minutes, and then build up to longer periods of time as the body gets used to the workouts.

The Benefit

Treadmill exercise is routine and consistent. A pace is set a time determined before the track starts moving. A person’s heart muscle is made to work harder than normally but that is a good thing. Over time, the heart becomes stronger and is better able to pump blood with less effort. The treadmill also causes a reduction in weight and that is always good for the heart and blood pressure. Over time a high blood pressure problem becomes controllable thanks to regular exercise on the treadmill.

These machines are not just for serious athletes. Treadmills are also available for people who are serious about keeping their blood pressure down and their body healthy. While the exercise can be strenuous, it can also be fairly mild depending on the pace setting. It is an option that anybody who is concerned about cardiovascular health ought to consider.

Treadmills Lower Blood Pressure By:

  • Blood Pressure dropping immediately after exercise;
  • The Sympathetic nervous system, which increases blood pressure, being brought under control by catecholamines that exercise encourages;
  • After treadmill exercise, those with normal resting blood pressure will have a decrease of 8mmHg in histolic pressure as well as a dropof 9mmHg in diastolic pressure;
  • Treadmills encourage weight loss and that by itself will decrease blood pressure.

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