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Treadmill’s Frame Quality – Worth A Thought

While fitness has become an integral part of our daily lives, families purchasing treadmills for their homes is not that uncommon. Procuring a treadmill is not merely a step towards a healthier lifestyle but is more of an investment. Hence, it is important to look into few aspects before deciding which treadmill to buy. One such crucial factor is the frame of the treadmill.

The treadmill’s frame is the component which holds the equipment together. Therefore, the strength, durability and construction of the frame are significant since it is directly related to the strength and durability of the treadmill itself. The following are the points to keep in mind while ascertaining the quality of the frame.

Material Used

Treadmill frames are usually made of either steel or aluminum, with the former being used more. While steel is considered stronger than aluminum and can bear more weight, on the other hand aluminum is lighter than steel and helps in easier movement of the machine. However, on a broader perspective both frames stand on an equal pedestal. Whatever, be the material of the frame make sure it has an anti-rust coating in order to make it last long. Aluminum frames are mostly used in treadmills for commercial purposes, which are obviously more expensive. Nonetheless, if you can loosen your purse strings a little and are willing to make a worthy investment, purchasing a high grade treadmill will not be a bad idea.

Method of Construction

There are primarily two ways of constructing the frame of the treadmill – bolting and welding. Most frames are assembled by welding, although bolting or rather ‘locking’, as known in the case of treadmills, is considered to be stronger. Nevertheless, it does not imply that welding frames are not trustworthy. It is advisable to check the cost and warranty of the treadmill to ensure that you are not left with poorly welded frame.

Treadmill Frame

Cost – Aluminum framed treadmills are more expensive than their steel counterparts.

Decisive Factors

It is not always possible for a common man to fathom the quality of the material or make an expert analysis of the same. Hence, two things will assist the customer in deciding the quality of the frame – warranty of the frame and the maximum weight it can withstand. A treadmill with lifetime warranty is strongly recommended and as for the maximum weight, most treadmills offer a weight limit of 300lbs, but there are also certain models, which offer 350lbs or even more. Make sure you choose one with high weight limit, since it would have more chances of a stronger frame.


Treadmill frames come in two basic designs, first being a box channel frame and the other being a C channel frame. The former design is comparatively more expensive and sturdier as well. It is rather compact and closely framed as opposed to the latter, which although more economical tends to be a little wobbly and delicate.

Apart from giving a thought to the above mentioned points before you purchase a treadmill, verify the quality of the frame by taking a trial of the equipment. Once you are comfortable and convinced that the treadmill is able to sustain heavy weight and does not have painful impact on your knees or isn’t unstable while using, then you can choose the particular exercise machine.

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