Treadmill Workouts

Running outsides when it is nice can be very enjoyable, but there will be days that you have to stay in because of foul weather. Wherever your live, you may get rainy, snowy days in the winter or early spring that will prevent you from enjoying a run. In the summer, the sweltering heat can actually be dangerous to workout in, so you will be forced to stay inside. On days you can’t make it out into the open, running on a treadmill is the next best thing.

treadmill workouts

Not only does running on a treadmill keep you from going out into bad weather, but it allows you to simulate different running paths and conditions. You can set it up so when you run, it will be as if you are experiencing jogging on a mountain trail. Whether you are a beginner or a marathoner, running inside on a treadmill can give you a complete run for your money.

If you are new to using treadmills, you will want to make sure you know how to operate the machine before you begin working out on it. You can injury yourself easily if try to adjust it and you’re not sure how to do so. Keep a bottle of water handy so you can stay hydrated as you workout. A towel will be useful as well.

How to Start

If you want to start running for exercise, try out the 1 Year Treadmill Plan.  Over a period of one year, you will achieve complete fitness with just a treadmill!  While you’re working out, if you think it is too difficult or way too easy, adjust the speed of the treadmill to make it more comfortable for you.  However, allow your body to get comfortable with the demands of a running workout.

Walk-Run-Walk Routine

Once you get used to working out with a treadmill, try a workout which uses both jogging and walking.  It is an hour long workout that alternates brisk walking with jogging and slow running.  You can lose up to 300 calories when you try this workout.

Pyramid Intervals

When you try this half hour pyramid interval routine on your treadmill and you won’t be bored by your workout routine.  You will change the pace of your running every 60 seconds, which will help you battle weight gain.  If you have more time, try pyramid intervals that last for 45-minutes when you workout on your treadmill.

​As your body gets used to running, you can try these routines to help you burn fat quicker and build up your stamina.  It won’t take you long to get in the best shape of your life if you follow these routines when you step onto your treadmill.  You may even opt to workout solely on your treadmill and give up running outside.

More ​advanced Treadmill Workouts:

The Quick Fat Burner

When you have the time for a good workout, you can burn up to 500-calories with this  treadmill routine using higher intervals to burn fat quickly.  Try it out four times per week to lose some weight.

Take to the Hills

Try to run the hills of San Francisco with this treadmill routine.  You will adjust the incline on your treadmill to increase the difficulty of your run.  After that, running on a flat deck should be easy.

Take a Hike Triathlete Style

Use your treadmill to mimic running outside, even on days when the weather is nasty.  This treadmill triathlete workout routine, which takes less than an hour, will have you moving up steep inclines, which will help tighten your quadriceps and make your bottom firm. And while at it, you can also start entering marathons and triathlons.

​Walking in general and treadmills in particular helps fight plenty of age and health related complications. From blood pressure, anxiety levels to fatigue and overall fitness, treadmills are great for many things.

Treadmill Workouts for specific health issues:

Tackling Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a cardiovascular complication and while doctors prescribed drugs to combat this situation, a little activity on a treadmill can go a long way in getting the Sphygmomanometer steadied. Here’s How To Combat Blood Pressure On A Treadmill.

Hip Replacement Surgery

A sign of old age, Hip-replacement surgery doesn’t have to be debilitating. Practice this Treadmill for Hip-replacement Surgery to get back on your feet in no time.

Two Common Treadmill Pains Tackled:

Pain Free Joints

Joint sprain, strain or injuries associated with rigorous treadmill workouts are commonplace but they need not be. With the right joint precautions taken, your treadmill sessions will be pain-free.

Foot Issues

Now while a treadmill belt is softer than concrete or asphalt, it still generates a high impact rating on your foot, which can cause serious pain if you aren’t careful. If you are experiencing pain, then first you need to diagnose the exact nature of foot ache. Thankfully, regardless of the source of foot ache, tackling it is all about properly warming up on a treadmill.

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