top 5 treadmill running tips

Top 5 Treadmill Running Tips

Rather than going to a gym, you can buy a treadmill and put it in your apartment or home and sneak in a run when you have the time.  You can also avoid inclement weather by running on a treadmill. Before you do start a running routine on your treadmill, here five treadmill running tips that can help you get the most out of your treadmill.

#1 Be Prepared

You will want to have the correct clothes for running on your treadmill. You will probably work up a sweat, so you will need a pair of running shorts and a tee-short that helps wick away moisture and keep you as dry as possible while you run. Wear a good pair of running shoes as well. Keep a water bottle handy while running in order to keep properly hydrated. Use a bottle that can be operated with one hand. Also, have a hand towel ready to wipe sweat from your face and arms as your run. Playing music helps set the pace for many people, so add songs to your music player to help keep you motivated.

#2 Warm Up Correctly

Just as you do for running outdoors, you need to warm up your body before jumping onto the treadmill and going full tilt into your run. Set up your treadmill routine so you can gradually work up to a full run. Warm up by walking for three minutes. Start at an easy pace and build up to a brisk walk for the last minute of the warm up. Jog for three more minutes at an easy pace, about one to 1 1/2 minutes slower than your marathon pace. Run hard in increments of 20 seconds, then slow down and recover for 40 seconds. Do this three times. When you are done with your run, don’t forget to cool down. Take about one minute for every mile you ran to cool your body down by walking it out.

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#3 Concentrate on Cadence

The main difference running indoors compared to outside is that the deck of the treadmill is running even if you’re not moving. You have to exert yourself more when you run on concrete than you do on a treadmill deck. In order to increase your exertion on a treadmill, you can run faster. On a treadmill, there are two ways to run faster, you can use longer strides or do more strides of the same length. You should be able to hear your foot strike on the deck, even though it is fairly quiet. Use your cadence to help you run faster. You should be running at about 180 foot strikes per minute.

#4 Test Your Fitness Level

Your workouts may seem easier on a treadmill than they do outdoors. Test yourself by getting on the treadmill and finding your fitness levels. First, do a good warm-up, such as the one we noted earlier. Then start with the pace you know you can run a 5K at outdoors. Every 1/2 mile on the treadmill, see how you feel. If the effort felt too easy, bump up the speed. If it was too difficult, lower the speed accordingly. By doing this, you can help set up a running routine on your treadmill.

#5 Use Incline

Instead of just running faster when you’re ready to improve your workout, use the incline to simulate running uphill. You will put in more of an effort, get your heart pumping faster, and help improve your stamina than just running faster on a flat surface. Use incline to vary your routine as you run by moving it up and down at regular intervals.

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