The Top 10 Reasons to Start Walking

One of the best exercises is one you can do without the need for any special equipment or a gym membership. Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay in shape, and it can be done for free. The only thing you will need to start a walking routine is a good pair of walking shoes. Other than that, you don’t need anything special to start doing this exercise.

Here are the top 10 reasons to start a walking regimen.

#1 Walkers Live Longer

A study followed 8,000 men over a 12-year period and found that walking just two miles per day cut the risk of death almost in half for the study participants. The risk of death from cancer was especially lower in the daily walkers versus those who walked infrequently.

#2 Walking Promotes Good Health

Walking, along with other exercises, help to raise the HDL, the good cholesterol, which can protect the heart and circulatory systems.  Walking also helps to keep weight down, which benefits those with disease such as diabetes and arthritis.

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#3 Walking Can Reduce Stress

If you are tense after a bad day at work or if you just need a few moments to collect your thoughts, take the family dog for a walk or just go around the block to clear you mind.  Studies show that walking can help you reduce stress by releasing endorphins into your body, which are the body’s natural happy chemicals.

#4 Walking to Prevent Weight Gain

Walking an extra 2,000 steps per day can help you prevent weight gain, according to a research study done at the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  Most sedentary people only take about 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day and by adding an additional 2,000 steps, they can prevent weight gain.

#5 Walking Can Make You Smarter

A study of people over 60 found out that by walking 45 minutes a day at a 16-minute mile pace increased cognitive skills for those over 60.  The study participants started out by walking only 15 minutes per day, then built up their time and speed.

#6 Walking Helps Prevent Diabetes

Type II diabetes is almost an epidemic in the United States, but people who walk for up to 30 minutes a day can cut the risk of getting this disease.  Both overweight and non-overweight men and women can benefit by this exercise requirement and cut their risks for diabetes.

#7 Walking Helps Reduce Weight

By walking up each day, you can help reduce your weight because walking helps to build lean muscle mass, which burns fat 24 hours a day.  It also boosts your metabolism, which will help your burn fat at a faster rate and help prevent your body from storing fat.

#8 Walking Can Prevent ED

For men, erectile dysfunction can be prevented by getting out and walking briskly for 2 miles a day.  It can also help boost sexual performance in both men and women.

#9 Walking Regularly Lowers Blood Pressure

By walking on a daily basis, you can naturally lower your blood pressure.  Lowering your blood pressure will help prevent heart disease, strokes, and keep your blood circulating properly.

#10 Walking is Easy to Start

You can start off by walking at a pace that is comfortable for you and built up your speed and distance over time.  Take your dog or invite a friend to go along with you to make it more fun.  Just find a good pair of shoes and hit the bricks or use a treadmill to stay healthy.

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