treadmills lose weight

How to take the right (Treadmill) steps to lose weight

People have a reason to lose weight and it is not just for the sake of appearance. Excess weight can cause cardiovascular problems as well as diabetes, and sometimes people have difficulty breathing because of too many pounds. Exercise can help but too often people will try to overdo it, and this can create a whole new set of problems. Anyone who is not used to regular exercise has to slowly introduce the body to an exercise regimen. Walking on a tread mill is great way to lose that unwanted fat.

Easy and Effective Exercise

It is a simple form of exercise that does pay results and here are a few:

  • Although, the rate of calorie burn will depend on the speed of the track, it is possible to burn well over 100 calories in 10 minutes.
  • Walking not only tones the lower body but it also raises the metabolism of a person so that more calories are burned.
  • A treadmill is also something that can be used regardless of the weather outside.
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To improve the workout treadmills can be adjusted, so that the individual will walk at a given pace for a certain amount of time and increase endurance. An individual can set up a program of anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour of treadmill walking per day, and steadily lose weight while doing it. Over a period of time the machine can be adjusted for an even faster pace, permitting the user’s cardiovascular system to get used to steady exercise. There can even come a point where a person can increase speed to where he or she is jogging or even running. Most treadmills sold on the market have accessories and extra features, including iPod ports, which make the entire experience very enjoyable.

Less Stress on the Knees

A resolution to lose weight is often discarded if there is a lot of discomfort in doing exercise. Walking on treadmill does take effort, but a person is rarely breathless because of the experience. It is always a good thing to start out slowly, but as the legs become more toned the exerciser can get a little more ambitious. Another benefit of a treadmill is the surface. Walking or running on concrete sidewalks can stress the joints. Treadmills are easier on the knees, and some models are actually designed to take into consideration joint protection.

Treadmill walking is an excellent way to start on a program of losing weight. It is not exhausting and for many people it turns out to be a lot of fun. Music while walking will make the experience even more enjoyable for the individual. Anyone who wants to lose weight, but hasn’t exercise regularly before, should consider the treadmill as a way of getting started down the road to better physical fitness.

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