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Take A Hike – Treadmill Triathlete Training

Winter is not a good season for a serious triathlete who lives in the Snow Belt. Ice forms on the outdoor lakes and pools, and running paths get blocked with snow or covered with ice. It becomes extremely difficult to train for a competition, especially those that are held in early spring. There is a solution to this dilemma. A triathlete can train in the winter for events by using the treadmill at the gym or athletic club.

Indoor Pool And Treadmill Workout

In order for it to be successful, the training facility must have an indoor pool with a treadmill and a stationary bike included. These are standard piece of equipment at the YMCA or any large fitness club. What a triathlete has to do is follow the sequence of events in a triathlon and train accordingly. He or she should be able to go from the pool to the stationary bicycle and then to the treadmill easily. There would have to be a factoring for changing clothes in a locker room, but that usually is just one or two minutes.

Creating the Challenge

Treadmills are excellent for training because the conditions can be altered easily. Triathlete should start out with conditions that closely resemble running on a road. This would mean setting the incline at 1 to 1.5% grade. Once the training segment begins, the triathlete can then alternate the grades going up to as high as a 5% grade and then going down a little bit. Treadmills give almost immediate feedback as to heart rate and calories burned. This can be important information for a triathlete as he or she considers the best strategy for winning. The length of the workout is up to the individual, but all three parts of a triathlon can easily be replicated and done within the space of a few hours. The treadmill also helps by keeping the triathlete moving at a given pace; the chance of slowing down to a crawl isn’t there.

Warm weather triathletes may have great outdoor conditions but that doesn’t mean they necessarily outperform a person who trains in cold weather. Indoor conditions can easily be created for the right kind of training to win races. Winter does not have to be an obstacle.

standard triathlon miles

This competition is 32.13 miles

ironman triathlon miles

This competition is 140.6 miles

The Ironman requires the same running distance as a marathon, so training techniques for running a marathon ought to be used.

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