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The Quick Fat Burner – How to trim the Fat with a Treadmill

Winter can be rough on anybody who is trying to stay in shape. A combination of bad weather outside and Christmas cookies inside will cause people to gain a little extra fat during the snowy months. Fortunately, an individual still can keep weight under control and even lose weight if he or she uses a treadmill.

Burn the Excess

Running is recognized as a great way to lose weight and as much as 100 calories a mile can be burned by doing it. Treadmills make things more efficient by allowing the runner to adjust incline of the workout itself. In fact, it’s very possible to burn even more calories per mile running at a slower pace but at a steeper grade

Think about the Incline

A runner can definitely burn calories by increasing the incline of the treadmill track. However, the runner has to be careful to not add too much stress on the calves and Achilles tendons. The higher the incline, the lower the speed should be to balance the risk. A runner may even decide to run at an incline for a while and then lower it to a flat level and increased speed. This can actually cause even more calories to be burned.

A good treadmill will also allow the runner to input how heavy he or she is and what age as well. The machine adjusts to this new data and registers the calories being burned. A runner can watch that burned calorie count go up until the desired number of calories has been consumed. The runner can then lower the speed to an easy jog, cooling off but still burning a few calories at same time. While it isn’t logical to expect that major weight losses will take place in just a couple of days, a few weeks of steady use of treadmill can keep the weight or fat under control and drop a few of those extra pounds that were gained.

How many calories can a person burn while running on a treadmill? Let’s assume that a 40 year old individual is running 6 MPH (that means doing 1 mile in ten minutes) for 30 minutes (3 miles), and weighs 150, 175, or 200 lbs. This also assumes a 0% incline.

calories burnt by weight class

Assuming that it takes about 3500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat, if a person did the same work out for 30 days, this is approximately how much weight he or she would be able to burn.

pounds burnt by weight class

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