Precor Treadmills

Developed over 20 years ago, Precor is continually improving and evolving its patented technology, delivering a smooth workout you can really feel. Their emphasis on developing unique, well-crafted machines that fit your lifestyle and home set you up in style while helping you reach your fitness goals. They are low to the ground design, smooth colors and curves compliment your home while its cushioned running surface reduces stress on your body. Whether you’re running or walking, the Precor treadmill’s calibrated belt automatically adjust to your pace for the most comfortable workout.

Top Precor Treadmills of 2022

​What makes Precor different?

  • Integrated Footplant Techology – Exclusive to the Precor, this modernization allows the belt to mimic your foot movements by pairing the belt speed to that of your foot in a natural movement for maximum rhythm and comfort.
  • Ground Effects Impact Control System – The running decks on their premium treadmills are designed using revolutionary shock absorbents at the front to absorb impact, paired with a firm baking for a precise push off, creating the ultimate balance for relief to your joints.
  • Low maintenance – The running deck on Precor treadmills are self-lubricating and require no maintenance. With a reversible deck on some home models, you can even get twice the life out them.

​Our ​Precor treadmill reviews:

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Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill ReviewBring home the Precor 9.33 Premium Series and you’ll never have to turn to a gym again! In addition to regular treadmill features it has 16 preset programs, displays a workout log, boasts the unique feature of synchronization of foot-and-belt speed, password protection and a well cushioned deck. Top of the line from Precor, it truly is well worth the investment for those serious enough!

Precor 9.27 Treadmill ReviewPrecor 9.27 is another addition to the array of superb fitness gadgets by Precor. The treadmill possesses all the alluring traits of a commercial grade treadmill such as superb construction and sturdy design. And it aids you in achieving your fitness goals. Total of 10 pre-set workout programs, telemetry monitor, 0 to 15 percent incline choice and much more, for the price offered, it is a splendid home gym equipment.

Precor 9.23 Treadmill ReviewThe Precor 9.23 treadmill is perhaps, one of the best workout machines we have come across. Look at the features, and you will understand why it has been rated so highly by users. It also has a sturdy appearance, which gives it a rugged appeal and the ability to withstand wear and tear for as long as you live! Plenty of speed and inclination variables but not exactly the most space conscious treadmill.

Precor Premium Series 9.31 ReviewThe Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill is packed with features which makes it the top choice of fitness enthusiasts and weight watchers. Whether you want a home treadmill for cardio endurance, weight loss, or fitness, this premium treadmill helps achieve all goals. It features Ground Effects and Integrated Footplant Technology that cushion joints and support varying stride lengths.

Reason to buy a Precor treadmill?

Since Precor has been developing products that hold up in the most demanding environments for so many years, they are able to offer pretty impressive warranties on their home equipment. With a lifetime warranty on frames, and five to ten years on parts and wear, you can feel as confident in their product as they are. Additionally, it was reported that in 2013, eight of the Precor models were award winners.