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Mountain Workout – Take To The Hills

What is really fantastic about treadmills is the diversity of workouts available. A person can burn off unnecessary fat, tone up leg muscles, and build endurance for long braces. One of the options in the workout area for a person is mountain climbing. It is definitely great exercise for calves and thigh muscles.

Slow Down

A person doing a mountain climb on the treadmill must remember that speed is not important. As a matter fact, because the elevation increases it is better to go at a slower speed. The workout comes from going uphill. Gradually, the treadmill adjusts to a greater incline and the individual begins to feel stress in the calf muscles and also in the thighs. This is a workout that requires proper breathing because oxygen depletion will occur very quickly. It may be a good idea to hold onto the treadmill railing while doing this workout.

Be Careful on the Incline

Ultimately, the treadmill user reaches the top of the mountain and begins the dissent. This means the treadmill will start to gradually decline in elevation. There is a temptation to increase speed as the elevation incline lowers and that may not be a good idea. This is still an elevated walk and a muscle could be strained. If a person wishes to increase speed then the best time is towards the end of the mountain workout. At that point the elevation is not so high as to cause any possible injury.

When a person looks at the final results he or she may notice that almost as many calories were burned doing a mountain as running on flat surface at a faster pace. The legs definitely feel as if they’ve gone through a rough patch of ground. The conditioning workout of doing a mountain climb is excellent, but the treadmill user does have to resist the temptation to grow at a fast pace.

incline vs calories burnt

(150 lbs. person. 30 minute workout)

A person can not only build up calf and hamstring muscles with a good mountain workout, but also burn a considerable amount of calories. A person weighing 150 pounds and doing just 30 minutes of workout a day can easily burn 2.5-3.25 pounds in one month.

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