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How To Improve Your Posture For a Better Workout

You probably remember your Mom or Dad admonishing you to sit up straight when you were at the dinner table because they wanted you to have good posture.  Having good posture is also important when you workout on a treadmill.  It is tempting to hunch over a bit when you do workout, but by keeping your head up and back straight, you are doing your body a favor.  Maintaining proper posture will keep pain at bay during and after your workout routine.

Posture Mistakes:

When you get onto a treadmill, you might be tempted to look down at your feet to make sure you are getting onto the platform correctly, but many people forgot to raise their head as they continue walking on the treadmill.  They focus on the monitor or they may keep their head slightly bent forward when wearing ear buds to listen to music.  If your head is down, your shoulders will be hunched over a bit as well.  This bad posture will lead to back, neck and shoulder pain over time and you probably won’t make the connection.

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Proper Treadmill Walking Posture:

The proper position for walking on a treadmill is to keep your shoulders back and your head up as you walk.  If you have reading material with you, try to set it up so you can keep your head up and not look down.  If you can’t, don’t read while exercising, but use a MP3 player to listen to audio books or music so your head and shoulders are in the best possible position.

Another mistake that treadmill users sometimes make is leaning forward as they walk or run.  If you are using a steep incline, that may be necessary, but if you’re not, you need to stand upright and not lean in.  The best way to correct yourself is to tilt your pelvis forward a bit as you walk.  Tuck in your bottom and suck in your stomach if you must in order to get the correct position.

Whether you are walking or running, you also need to use the proper foot action as well.  Push off with your feet, instead of simply using your legs to walk or run on the treadmill.  When you step forward, pretend you are showing the sole of your shoe to someone and keep the rear foot on the ground longer to push off on it.  This will help improve your stride.

Maintain Good Rhythm:

You will also need to focus on your balance when you workout on a treadmill.  You can do this by holding onto the rails, but if you use good posture and have a good stride, you will be able to maintain your balance without aid.  Focus on your rhythm as well and don’t walk too fast on the treadmill.  Keep an even pace whether you are walking or running on a treadmill.  This will keep you from getting to fatigued, especially your legs, as you workout.

You will also want to keep your body from tensing up as your workout on a treadmill.  Don’t raise your shoulders and bent your arms so your forearms are parallel to the deck as you stride.  Some people will close their fists tightly when they walk or run, try not to do this.  Relax your hands, cupping them loosely.  If you tense your muscles, they will get sore and your body will feel tired.  Keep proper posture and keep your muscles relaxed as much as possible as you are working out.  Your body will feel better and you will be able to enjoy your workouts much more.

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