Best Horizon Treadmill Reviews

When looking at all of Horizon’s treadmills, we noticed they are broken down by one common theme, or what you could call the three C’s: comfort, control, and convenience. These are of course great criteria when considering bringing any fitness equipment home. The solid frames and variable cushioning belt design makes for a stable and comfortable workout. One touch controls at your fingertips for program, speed, and incline are displayed on large, easy to read screens allowing you to focus on your workout, and not on pressing multiple buttons.

Top 5 Horizon Treadmills of 2019

​What makes ​Horizon different?

  • Feather Light folding system – Hydraulic lift assist allows for the ability to fold and store your machine more easily and safely.
  • Feather Light folding system – Hydraulic lift assist allows for the ability to fold and store your machine more easily and safely.
  • Sonic Surround Speakers – MP3 input where you can pump your music on the two quality speaker system or listen through the headphone jack.

Our Horizon Treadmills:

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A pressure washer is the best thing to bank on when you are dealing with stubborn dirt and stains. One of the best pressure washers available in the market today is the AR Blue Clean AR116 as it is sturdy, dependable and not very expensive too. This power driven washer packs 1450 psi pressure and blasts away grime, dirt and stain with consummate ease. What’s more, it is portable and can be lugged around the home very easily.

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Horizon Fitness T101 ReviewThe Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill is going to leave you impressed, and you will be ready to make it your own as quickly as possible. Priced to fit the cost-conscience shopper, there is no lack of special features and quality on this long-lasting treadmill, perfect for at-home use.

Horizon Fitness T202 Treadmill ReviewSo much is promised in this treadmill – the Horizon Fitness T202 is well worth investing into. It is packed with features for your convenience and comfort. The Nike+ iPod Workout Training saves workout data to one’s iPod. It’s a great treadmill for a gym or for in the home.  See why by reading our in-depth review!

Horizon Evolve SG Treadmill ReviewVariable speed ranging from 1 to 6 mph, a decent motor with 1.5 HP rating, wide enough running space with a couple of workout preset programs, the Horizon Evolve SG is a minimalistic machine but with sturdy construction. It offers instant stop and supports up to 250 lbs.

Horizon Fitness T74 Treadmill ReviewThe Horizon Fitness T74 with powerful motor, easy controls, apt speed and incline levels, great workout programs and a comfortable deck is an ideal reason for giving the gym a miss and not feel guilty about it. It has eight preset programs for intuitive operations and when not in use it can be comfortably stored away owing to its foldable design.

Why buy a Horizon Treadmill?

All Horizon treadmills feature CHP, or continuous duty horsepower motors, which deliver the same level of output whether you are at low or high speeds. This means the motor does not go into overdrive when you do, but just offers consistent output, resulting in extended motor life, and is quiet enough to let you watch TV or listen to music without blasting the volume. It is noted that these are the same motors used in commercial treadmills. Feel free to continue to look around if you’re interested in reading more treadmill reviews.