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Anti Gravity Treadmill – What is it? How does it work?

When we hear about something like an anti-gravity treadmill, the first thoughts that come to mind usually involve science fiction. To be sure, it sounds like a rather fantastical concept. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that this treadmill was first invented by a man named Robert Whalen. A biomechanics researcher with NASA, the 1992 patented design offered a treadmill that enclosed the individual’s lower body inside an airtight chamber. In recent years, anti-gravity treadmills have become a hot topic for their assortment of promised benefits.

As you can imagine, there is a lot to this subject that is worth a closer look.

What Is An Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

anti gravity treadmill benefits

anti-gravity treadmill benefits

By 2005, Whalen’s intriguing idea had still not taken off. Finally, a company called AlterG purchased a license of the technology and took steps to bring a legitimate anti-gravity treadmill to market. Since then, they have brought a treadmill to the world that has been praised as a powerhouse tool for those going through physical rehabilitation.

Why is it an “anti-gravity” treadmill? Because rather than adding weight, the anti-gravity treadmill removes it instead. Patients recovering from foot injuries or leg injuries can use this feature to work more intensely at recovery. After putting on neoprene shorts, the individual will step inside the treadmill. With the lower half of your body locked off by the treadmill, an individual will then set the treadmill to the degree of lightness that works for them. You can feel up to eighty percent lighter with this treadmill.

Why People Use An Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

Physical rehab clinics across the nation and beyond are starting to come around to the enormous potential of this treadmill. From a physical rehabilitation perspective, allowing people to work on their feet and legs in spite of an injury allows healthcare professionals to potentially shorten the timeline of recovery. Best of all, an anti-gravity treadmill can theoretically do this without posing any risk to the individual whatsoever.

These treadmills offer a range of options that can work with just about anyone. The end result is the same, but the machine can be adjusted nicely to suit the needs of whoever happens to be using it. In short, people love these treadmills because they are comfortable, fairly easy to use, and are quickly gaining a reputation for providing comprehensive, positive results.

​Benefits Of An Anti-Gravity Treadmill

​ ​Some of the most significant benefits of anti-gravity treadmills:

  • They are adjustable: Regardless of your experience level, you can find a setting that will allow you to achieve the kind of results you have in mind.
  • Shortens recovery time: This is worth mentioning again. With foot and leg injuries, we are talking about conditions that can require months and months of rehabilitation work. While an anti-gravity treadmill isn’t a miracle machine, it has proven time and time again that by focusing on the injured areas more quickly, the amount of time devoted to recovery can be brought down to a great degree.
  • Safe: A machine like this can make people a little nervous, particularly when we are talking about something like an injury. The company behind the anti-gravity treadmill has thought about that. They have come back with a treadmill that couldn’t be safer. Just make sure to follow all of the directions associated with this treadmill carefully.
  • The treadmill is not specifically for rehabilitation: While we have been focusing quite a bit on benefits related to rehab, the truth of the matter is that just about anyone can utilize an anti-gravity treadmill.

Final Thoughts

Despite the strange name, this is one of the most interesting, potentially groundbreaking treadmills we have ever come across.

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