treadmill hip replacement

Using A Treadmill To Recover From Hip Replacement Surgery Quicker

Hip replacement surgery is nothing to take lightly and there are few things to keep in mind when recovering from hip replacement surgery and working on the treadmill to maintain fitness.

  • Slow and easy – Give the hips time to adjust by going at a slower pace
  • Don’t do incline workouts yet – The first few weeks should be done in 0% incline.
  • Leave the handrails alone – While keeping in a very slow pace there is no need to pull the hand railings. Give your body a chance to adjust to the hip replacement surgery and maintain a good posture. You’ll be amazed at how you walking stride gains strength from doing.
  • If you experience pain, talk to your doctor – It may be that the treadmill is not the best equipment for you. There are other options to help rehabilitate the hips.
  • Consistency matters – No one recovers immediately from hip replacement surgery, but those who do consistent exercise at sensible speeds will gradually build up greater strength.

Hip replacement surgery is a sign of the times to an older person. It shows how the passage of the years weakens the body and makes a person a bit more fragile than before. Age is something that can be difficult to accept but hip replacement surgery allows a person to stay more independent. Treadmills can help a person recover quickly.

Motion is Necessary

It is natural for a person to experience a little bit of depression after hip replacement, but he or she cannot dwell on pity. It is essential to start moving as soon as possible and begin the process of rehabilitation. Treadmills have railings that a person can hold onto while they are walking, and the pace and incline can be controlled by the individual. This should be considered a part of the physical therapy. Interestingly, medical studies have shown that those recovering patients who use a treadmill develop stronger hip muscles after a period of time and are able to have a higher range of motion than somebody who does not use a treadmill. Of course, anyone going through physical therapy with the treadmill has to take things very slow and initial use may be only for very short periods of time. Yet hip muscle strength does improve with the pacing on the track, and because treadmills have a softer impact there is less stress on the recovering areas. All of this is to the benefit of the patient.

Improved Morale

Hip replacement is a shock to person’s mobility but being able to regain motion and strength in the hips can definitely improve a person’s frame of mind. Treadmills offer steady exercise and allow for superior control of the entire workout. An individual can use this physical fitness machinery to make dramatic progress forward in regaining mobility after this type of surgery.

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